“Xarredes” – Presentaciones de proyectos sostenibles en formato reducido

VEO is a technological product that, integrated into street furniture, visually and passively offers information on the quality of the air breathed in a specific point. In the Col·lab we will validate some of the hypotheses about the integration of VEO in the city of Valencia.

Micològic. It develops a project of Circular Economy agroalimentaria. Inspired by nature as a tool to solve social and environmental problems, we transform rice straw into an ecological substrate for the cultivation of mushrooms and edible and medicinal mushrooms, promoting a healthy, sustainable diet that takes care of our health and that of our Environment. The remains of mushroom cultivation are recycled as biofertilizer or livestock feed, achieving zero waste: Reduce, reuse, recycle.

València Ciutat Amable is a project that encompasses three events, the XV Iberian Congress “The bicycle and the city”, the III Meeting of women cyclists, and the II Bicifest of Valencia. The motto is “towards the friendly city we all have” because the bicycle, besides being a sustainable and healthy transport, is also a perfect tool to get cities for people. accessible, safe and inclusive cities.

AeioLuz is a Valencian cooperative that helps people and organizations reduce their energy costs and teaches how to use energy in a responsible and efficient way, being a tool to energize the administration, citizenship … towards the new sustainable, fair and positioning energy model to the people in the center of the actions, acting in the areas of education, savings, energy poverty and self-consumption.

Barrio La Pinada is a new and innovative eco-neighborhood in Paterna (Valencia) designed for families to enjoy a vibrant, dynamic, healthy and socially cohesive environment. The neighborhood is being co-designed by the future inhabitants and has been designed around a school, Imagine Montessori School. The concept integrates dimensions such as almost zero energy consumption and water reuse, sustainable mobility and pedestrianization, integration in nature, shared and circular economy, different housing formulas, air quality and the convenience of services and shops. foot of street.

Cabanyal Horta is an agroecological project for the recovery of public space in the neighborhood of El Cabanyal that emerged in 2015. Our work focuses on the site known as el Clot; an area with strong roots of the Roma population. On this site were their houses (more than 30 years ago they started to demolish them to ensure the road to Blasco Ibañez, the great avenue to the sea) is now full of memories and orchards.