Where will be held the first edition of Festival Valencia Scene Sustainable(VESOS) is in Las Naves. A complex of buildings that is a stronghold of stale industries located within the area of ​​maritime influence on Juan Verdeguer street the Grao.

A municipal project occupies, as its name suggests three ships conjoined together by cultural and innovative spirit in order to consolidate as a reference in the field of creativity, innovation and technology.

Because of its location, qualities and distribution is established as the perfect space to develop an event of this nature. With the idea that the different activities are in different spaces within the complex, and that, being an open house, can access throughout the conference a large number of neighbors, curious and related public culture and The sustainability.

To reach the space sustainably you can see the link information under all combinations of buses EMT, VALENCIA METRO stop and have an VALENBICI base. You can also park your own bike in the resort entrance in the installed parked bikes.