What is sustainable fashion?

Around this general question, an open and participatory dialogue with the public will be generated, in which it is intended to explain what it means to apply sustainability to fashion and its consumption. Organized, presented and moderated by Àngels Biosca, founder of the The Slowear Project platform. 

Participants: – Brenda Chávez, fashion journalist, author of “The red book of style” and “Your consumption can change the world”. – Mónica Muñoz, creator of the brand The Vintees & Co., expert in marketing and communication and director of El Molí Lab. – Anastasia Medvedeva, fashion designer, specialist in pattern making Zero Residences and director of the Nastasia brand. – Mariola Marcet, interior designer, founder and director of the collaborative projects Upcyclick and De Armario a Armario. – Elena Cuadrado, fashion designer.

Saturday, 5 May – 12:30 – Library – Free entry.