Vesos (Valencia Sustainable Scene), as its name suggests is a sustainable festival. We put sustainability at the core of our philosophy, betting through various initiatives by the use of artistic and cultural and gastronomic local products, and promoting a lifestyle more respectful of the environment.

sustainable goals

  1. Promote the culture of kilometer 0 in Valencia.
  2. Promote responsible products and services developed under the premises of fairer trade consumption.
  3. Minimize carbon footprint vesos, carrying out measures to reduce the environmental impact.

Sustainability is the main thematic concept of the two days (6 and 7 May) vesos Festival, during which will be carried out various actions and activities that promote:

  • Sustainable Market.
  • gastronomic section with a wide range of products proximity.
  • Talks and roundtables: mobility, climate change, recycling, renewable energy, organic farming, fashion, design and other related matters.
  • Associations and cooperatives with their projects promote sustainability through ecology, mobility and any other of its aspects.
  • Offer Performing Arts proximity.
  • Workshops for adults sustainable theme.
  • Vesets: workshops to raise awareness among children.
  • sustainable to reduce and offset the environmental footprint actions.

We are aware that the word sustainability encompasses an infinite range of philosophies and concepts, among which we will focus our initiatives include: climate change, circular economy, local consumption, sustainable mobility, ecological versus transgenic agriculture, design and fashion from recycled materials, permaculture, biodiversity in the environmental field and diversity in the cultural field.

We do this from the belief that a more sustainable world starts with the little things, the details that are part of the lifestyle of everyone, because, what we eat, what we wear, what transport we use, what kind of leisure and culture we consume, how we educate and we transmit values ​​to the smallest, have a direct impact on the environment.

We are convinced that help create a more sustainable world can have a very positive economic, social and ecological impact for everyone. Therefore, one of the pillars of the philosophy of vesos is to raise awareness and involve different actors: public organization of the festival, suppliers, institutions, artists, associations and the challenge of making Valencia a more sustainable city, starting with small gestures of each of us.

Will you join the movement vesos? On 4, 5  and 6 May will be green, so mark them on your calendar and come with a pleasant stroll primaveralen cycling or walking.