Second dialogue of the Energy Transition “Energy transition: city and citizenship”

Dialogue on the role of cities in carrying out the necessary energy transition.

The energy transition in close symbiosis with actions to curb climate change, is one of the main challenges of our time, both globally and locally and municipally. However, while there is consensus on its need and urgency, there is an important debate about the role of cities and the real roads to carry out the energy transition at the local level. Overcoming the existing model based on the centralized production of energy from fossil and polluting resources, and increasing consumption, requires only a change of technical and economic model, but also a change in the way of considering our environment and the city in particular.

This session proposes an open dialogue between experts and the public to understand this debate and connect reflections on a global scale with city policies on a local scale. The “Dialogues of the Energy Transition” are born of a collaboration between the Connecta Energy network of the Las Naves Foundation, the Climate Change Observatory Foundation and the Diploma of Specialization in Environmental, Ecological and Environmental Sustainability of the UPV. They offer a space of contrasting dialogue and reflection on the energy model on a global scale, to feed in turn the action and innovation for a local energy transition in the city of Valencia. Diary: 17:00: Welcome and

Presentation: Berto Jaramillo (Councilor for Renewable Energy and Climate Change) / Jose Albelda (DESEEEA-UPV) 17:10: Energy transition in the city: an eco-social perspective Santiago Álvarez Cantalapiedra, Director of FUHEM Ecosocial 17:40: Fundación Renovables: Energy and Cities: reflections and experiences in Spain Fernando Ferrando, President, Fundación Renovables 18:10: Rest 18:20: Open discussion with the public 19: 00- End of the session