Mueveloreina is ready to make us dance with their sticky rhythms, a mix between Latin and electronic rhythms, also leading us to reflect and ponder with their lyrical contents, sharp and critical regarding the society’s evils and problems.

Mueveloreina’s Year

Being so surprising and eclectic, it is tough to label them under a unique style, but they did it themselves, coining their style as “electrapical” music, referring to the mix between electronic, trap, and tropical flows.

Mueveloreina is a resident duo in Valencia, composed by Karma Cereza and Joaco J Fox, a team that has been pushing forward a mutant, acidic, aesthetic, and sticky project since last year.

Despite of dedicating only their spare time on Mueveloreina, the duo has earned already a position in the panorama. Without a doubt, 2018 is their year.

Fridat, 5 May – 23:30 h – Auditorium – Free entry.