Acción de compensación huella de carbono por La Codolla

“THE SEED OF CHANGE” is an environmental education activity which aims to offset the carbon footprint generated by the celebration  of the Festival  VESOS (València Escena Sostenible). How are you going to get such compensation? Through a seed planting activity.

This activity is organized by the Association of environmental volunteer The Codolla, you need planting seeds to produce seedlings and to carry out its reforestation project in the Serra d’Agullent. Natural area of ​​Valencia, where they usually perform their environmental actions.

The action will be to propose to festival goers make a planting seeds of native trees and shrubs of Valencia, besides offering the possibility to perform in the future, planting land, participating in reforestation activities, organized by the association itself for groups. This activity aims to raise public address environmental problems, facilitate understanding of the carbon footprint that we generate with events and as individuals, and engage attendees vesos on the value of the environment, through interaction with natural elements as water, soil or seeds.

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