Know us

Do you wonder what is that VESOS with V? Vesos means Valencia Sustainable Scene. It is a festival open in Valencia, whose axes are promoting Valencian culture under the threshold of sustainability and other values ​​such as commitment, innovation, entertainment, empowerment of the local economy, passion in crafts, trade and sustainable ecology.

Furthermore, we consider essential the awareness and enjoyment of the whole family, so the little ones will have their own mini festival within vesos: Vesets, consisting of a set of varied activities of culture and sustainability, for children learn and have fun at par.

Where, when, how will VESOS (Valencia Sustainable Scene)?

Our sustainable festival will take place on 6 and 7 May in the cultural space of innovation and creation Las Naves, located in the neighborhood of El Grao of Valencia.

For an entire spring weekend, you’ll enjoy a variety of activities distributed throughout the different areas of foreign and interior, the ships offer. Access to the site is free.

The range of activities is for all colors and ages:

  • Music concerts outdoors.
  • Workshops to learn all together to be more sustainable.
  • Artistic exhibitions.
  • Section gastronomic where you can taste delicacies from Km 0.
  • Sustainable Market.
  • Associations and representatives of the Valencia more alive and active.
  • Talks on to discover, reflect and debate.

If you like the plan and do not want to lose detail, sign up on our website to our news and our blog and follow us closely on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram because this year, vesos is written with V!.

Remember to mark your calendar in green on the weekend of 6 and 7  May, and come and enjoy alone or with others … You know, there are activities for the whole family.

Vesos for everyone!