How will compensate the ecologic proof?

As its name indicates the Festival VESOS (Valencia Sustainable Scene) is a sustainable festival, since it has been organized trying to generate the least possible impact on the environment. In addition, we intend to compensate the carbon footprint of the event, carrying out a series of actions that we will tell you in this post.

What is the carbon footprint? The set of greenhouse gases (GHG) emitted by direct or indirect effect of an individual, product, organization or event, which are derived from the consumption of resources, energy, etc.

In VESOS we are committed to sustainability and as we told you in this article is the center of our philosophy. Therefore, we want to make our own activity more sustainable and the environment in which it develops.

Measures of the VESOS to minimize their carbon footprint

Km0 and proximity have been two of the fundamental guidelines for the organization of the festival, both for consistency with our sustainable philosophy and for our goal of promoting Valencian culture.

We have composed our offers of activities with artists, groups, suppliers, products, services and sponsors mainly local. The great majority of musicians, actors, speakers and the rest of people who form VESOS, are from the Valencian Community or have a close link with it.

Our communication through social media (social networks, web and blog) has been oriented among other things, to convey our sustainable philosophy; Promote a more environmentally friendly lifestyle and a more conscious consumption; And to promote not only our sustainable activities, but also those of other groups.

In the festival VESOS there will be a gastronomic section with a varied supply of food and drink of proximity. There will also be a sustainable market, in which there will be different services and products that include sustainability, such as: agriculture, handicrafts, gastronomy Km0, products for children, bicycles, fashion and accessories, design …

Through the talks will spread different concepts of sustainability through different groups. Entry to these talks is free.

Within the activities related to sustainability, there are also the didactic workshops in which you can learn to take advantage of resources that no longer serve in favor of other tools, extend the useful life of resources, As well as cultivate your own plants and orchards in order to promote a more ecological and healthy diet.

With regard to the cartel of workshops there will be activities exclusively for children and family audiences. The aim of the workshops is to promote awareness, collaboration, motivation, creativity, freedom and sustainability among the youngest.

What else do we do to reduce our carbon footprint?

  1. We have opted for poster printing on recycled paper, thanks to the collaboration of Impresum (
  2. EMT València is developing a communication campaign to promote the use of public transport (lines 2-4-19 and 30) to reach the space of the festival, Las Naves.
  3. During the days 6 and 7 of May in the space of innovation and creation Las Naves will be carried out a selective waste management thanks to the association BIOagradables.
  4. In the gastronomic section, reusable and returnable cups will be used to minimize impact.
  5. For the decoration, design and furniture of the festival we will use reusable materials. In addition, collection of all that signage and signage that can be reused in future editions of the festival or other events.

Action to compensate the carbon footprint of the VESOS

A team of technicians will calculate the carbon footprint produced by the event. How is it done? The first step is to ask all participants in the festival to fill out a carbon footprint form, which will calculate the GHGs emitted to the atmosphere by the following emission sources:

  • Displacement of suppliers, artists, and other participants in the festival.
  • Electrical consumption, of fuels in machinery and generators.
  • Consumption of resources to create all the promotional material.
  • Waste production.

In addition to calculating the carbon footprint, we intend to compensate. How do we intend to achieve it? Through the initiative “The seed of change” carried out by the voluntary environmental association La Codolla. This environmental education activity, whose objective is to compensate the carbon footprint generated by the celebration of the VESOS festival, will consist of a seed plantation to generate seedlings, which in the future will be planted in the Serra de Agullent for reforestation.

Who will plant the seeds? All those attending VESOS who wish to contribute to offset the carbon footprint of the festival. Come and participate!

Are you coming to the VESOS? The 4,5,6 of May will be green, so the sale on public transport, giving you a pleasant first ride on bicycle or walking.