Gilbertastico is a Valencian musician and composer who has a big variety of styles. His cornerstone is symphonic rock, perverted classism, sizzling electronic and the post-industrial decline. Accompanied on the piano and many keyboards (many of them with a futuristic past) he develops his performances in many different ways. Tragedy, comedy and the modern time desolation converge to create his songs

Always eclectic, he flirts with baroque music in his first album, “Versalles”, the same with precious and vigorous pop in “Heil Gilber”, the soundtrack without film in “Música inframental” and magic folk in “El que corre con búfalos”. Gilbertástico takes a further step towards history in his new album “14-18”, an electronic rock opera who has 3 chapters about the first world war. The first chapter already came to light.


Saturday , May 5 – 14:30 h – Big courtyard  – Free entry