Exposition: Geografies Emocionals, by Raquel Clausí

Geografies Emocionals sorgix de la trobada amb paisatges d’un vitalregregut. Llocs of sea, land, and air, which may be there or there, marking the life of the bell, trodden in the sea, in a perpetual motion, in the clouds of a cel that mark punts d ‘ Inflexed, and in the land where I will walk. The realitat i l’abstracte, the llum i l’ombra, the tot and the non-res, can also affect the emotions of each one of us reflected in our nostres llocs vitals, in the nostres interior paisatges.

Raquel Clausí (València, 1976) is going to discover her vocation photographically at 15 years, centering her look on the landscapes, the environment, culture and identity through the cos. It utilizes the metaphorical representation in its experimental period, with a starting point in the field of its projections, its own personal experience.

Las Naves library hall. Free entrance.