Victoria Alegrí is the creator of the Kishboo brand. Brand that focuses on sustainable and local fashion, where it joins the use of traditional disciplines and current technologies. Designs and produces wood jewelry and handmade textile or leather accessories with illustrations. Arquitecta Valenciana, takes a turn to his profession after the stay of several years

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A Medias Tintas: Encuadernación Artesanal

A Medias Tintas is an artisan binding project. All bindings are made by hand and starting from basic material that they transform until reaching the final product. All the machinery used is always manually (guillotine, die cut, pressed) and start from cartons with different thicknesses that cut to the measures determined for the different bindings

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Documental ‘Nugant Cordes’

Promoting and disseminating agroecology is the goal of ‘Nugant Cordes’, a documentary to raise awareness of farmers’ experiences, listen to their voices, their efforts and their reality; A look at some projects involved in a healthy, responsible diet with people and the environment. The documentary, designed by Mayte Fornes (technician in agroecological production) and Juan

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Talk: Times of transition: Is sustainability an unattainable goal?

In this talk, in charge of the Diploma of Specialization in Sustainability, Ecological Ethics and Environmental Education (DESEEEA) of the UPV will address the urgent issue of ecosocial sustainability and Transition Movements. José Albelda (Director of DESEEEA) and Nuria Sánchez León (Diploma Coordinator) will talk about the evolution of these concepts and their various redefinitions,

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Taller: Fabrica tu propia lámpara LED con residuos

This workshop is aimed at all citizens with the aim of raising awareness about climate change through a practical activity. During the workshop LED lamps will be manufactured with reusable materials from waste collected previously in various beaches. This activity is linked to the talk that BioAgradables will also offer during the festival, as the

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Sustainable Market Bases 2017

Sustainable market of  VESOS Festival (Valencia Sustainable Scene) will be a place where there is representation of the different types of products that include the concept of sustainability, such as: agriculture, crafts, bicycles or sustainable transportation, green building, ecotiendas, ecotourism, energy efficiency, fashion and accessories, design, kids, recycling, health and beauty, second hand, new technologies

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The Seed of Change

La actividad La Semilla del Cambio organizada por la Asociación de voluntariado ambiental La Codolla tiene el objetivo de reforestar la Serra d´Agullent y al mismo tiempo, compensar la huella de carbono generada durante el Festival VESOS. ¿Quieres participar?