La Lola Boreal – “Bicistorias”

Bicistorias is a show that goes bicycles. Through dance and drawing discover the true vocation of Helena, we travel in pencil her friend Laila or learn the language of bikes. The viewer will star in a workshop linking artistic expression and body language. Laila Hamwi and Helena Gomez, dance, draw and have Bicistorias. A show

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Circorama Teatre

Circorama Teatre-“Tres en Barca”

Circorama Teatre are a young Valencian theater company composed of Francesc Raga, Joan Garces, Cesc Lluc Domenech and Teodor. Use multiple languages ​​and theater stage is characterized by warm, cool and very close to the public. The company philosophy goes beyond pure stagecraft, showing on and off the stage, his commitment to the language, culture

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