Los días 6 y 7 de mayo en el Festival VESOS contaremos con la presencia del colectivo de voluntariado activista BIOagradables, con un taller de sensibilización sobre la problemática de los plásticos en nuestras playas y sobre la importancia del reciclaje reduciendo el uso de plásticos. Habrá una etapa de limpieza y clasificación de los residuos, seguida

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Mamalluc Logo

Mamalluc. Art and Breeding

Mamalluc Art i Criança will be in the sustainable market of VESOS Festival (Valencia Sustainable Scene). Prepares products related to motherhood, parenting and education of our children. All products are unique and handmade. handmade children’s clothing, baby carriers, sanitary cloth, fabric toys and wooden handmade, accessories and accessories for children as changers, towels cloth diapering, bag

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Demandarina logo

Jams – DeMandarina

DeMandarina is a Valencian company in the food sector, which wants to contribute to revalue a part of our heritage : oranges and tangerines . Through the industrial processing of these products offered by our land , they prepare delicious jams . DeMandarina committed to a model that fosters cooperation , ecology , sustainability, dignity

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The Vintees logo

T-Shirts – The Vintees T-Shirts Co.

The Vintees T-Shirt Co. is a brand of shirts with a message that works under criteria of sustainability and care for the planet, using eco-friendly fabrics and sustainable processes. All his shirts are made of 100% organic cotton certified Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), recognized worldwide as a leader in the treatment of organic fibers,

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La colmena

Information Point – ¡La Colmena que dice sí!

In sustainable market Festival VESOS will be an information boot La Colmena que dice Sí ! An initiative of local consumption of the food industry, connecting consumers and producers proximity with the creation of communities called Hives. Thanks to an innovative web platform, producers have a new direct sales channel, which allows them to set their prices

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