Guateque infantil: EcoArt & Pop

Come dance in a pop-dance session while children are part of a great artistic creation putting into practice the principles of reuse and recycling: boxes, cartons, corks, corks, newspapers, etc., to form a Giant scenario of the sustainable future. It is a collaborative activity, adults welcome. In charge of Críos&Roll. Sunday 7: Escenario Cerveza Artesanal Tyris 1

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Family Tree Kids

Toys and books – Family Tree Kids

Family Tree Kids is a committed family business with children’s play and quality , which will be sustainable vesos market selling organic toys and products for children and youth library. Family Tree Kids describes itself as follows: “We are a family that loves to play to play, experiment and breathe in nature long ago we

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Mamalluc Logo

Mamalluc. Art and Breeding

Mamalluc Art i Criança will be in the sustainable market of VESOS Festival (Valencia Sustainable Scene). Prepares products related to motherhood, parenting and education of our children. All products are unique and handmade. handmade children’s clothing, baby carriers, sanitary cloth, fabric toys and wooden handmade, accessories and accessories for children as changers, towels cloth diapering, bag

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