Exposition: Biosfera, by Marco Ranieri

In the plant Biosferas is used to live small plant elements to configure the magnitude of the natural environment. It is a constellation of recycled bulbs hung from the ceiling in which germinate fragments of nature that are developed in microecosystems of final cycle. Generating a cosmos of small sensible worlds. Inside recycled bulbs patios have

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Documental ‘Nugant Cordes’

Promoting and disseminating agroecology is the goal of ‘Nugant Cordes’, a documentary to raise awareness of farmers’ experiences, listen to their voices, their efforts and their reality; A look at some projects involved in a healthy, responsible diet with people and the environment. The documentary, designed by Mayte Fornes (technician in agroecological production) and Juan

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Exposición Julia Furió

Expostion “Reflexiones Ilustradas” – Julia Furió

Julia Furió is a graphic designer  sensitized to environmental and social problems, who likes to define his work as sustainable creativity. Through its exhibition at the vesos festival, it presents a series of “Reflexiones Ilustradas” on the consumer society in which we are immersed in the cities. We do manage our waste, fierce fast fashion,

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Exposición fotográfica “No limits” – Reaktiu

The photo exhibition No Limits by Reaktiu artist has a critical character regarding the relationship of society about the landscape. In this case, the project focuses on the orchard of Valencia, an ecosystem that is subjected to a constant pressure by the city and its population, without most of society becomes aware of the scenic, cultural,

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