Sustainable Market Bases 2017

Sustainable market of  VESOS Festival (Valencia Sustainable Scene) will be a place where there is representation of the different types of products that include the concept of sustainability, such as: agriculture, crafts, bicycles or sustainable transportation, green building, ecotiendas, ecotourism, energy efficiency, fashion and accessories, design, kids, recycling, health and beauty, second hand, new technologies

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The Vintees logo

T-Shirts – The Vintees T-Shirts Co.

The Vintees T-Shirt Co. is a brand of shirts with a message that works under criteria of sustainability and care for the planet, using eco-friendly fabrics and sustainable processes. All his shirts are made of 100% organic cotton certified Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), recognized worldwide as a leader in the treatment of organic fibers,

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Exposición Julia Furió

Expostion “Reflexiones Ilustradas” – Julia Furió

Julia Furió is a graphic designer  sensitized to environmental and social problems, who likes to define his work as sustainable creativity. Through its exhibition at the vesos festival, it presents a series of “Reflexiones Ilustradas” on the consumer society in which we are immersed in the cities. We do manage our waste, fierce fast fashion,

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Colectivo ARRE


The workshop consists in carrying out a lamp recovered from a container, which will be provided by the organizers (including electrical equipment) materials. It will be taught by James Jorgensen, multidisciplinary artist and co-founder of the collective Arre. Arre is a non-profit NGO established as a cultural association and environmental, that promotes participatory processes related

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