UNO Creaciones

UNO Creaciones toma la cerámica como material expresivo. Su trabajo podría nombrarse como “Escultura utilitaria”, cuerpos contenedores que reflejan la creación contemporánea. Piezas modeladas a mano en porcelano o gres: cabezas maceteros, cuerpos floreros, tazas con asas de orejas narices o dedos, cuencos con pies, floreros con pies.


Victoria Alegrí is the creator of the Kishboo brand. Brand that focuses on sustainable and local fashion, where it joins the use of traditional disciplines and current technologies. Designs and produces wood jewelry and handmade textile or leather accessories with illustrations. Arquitecta Valenciana, takes a turn to his profession after the stay of several years

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A Medias Tintas: Encuadernación Artesanal

A Medias Tintas is an artisan binding project. All bindings are made by hand and starting from basic material that they transform until reaching the final product. All the machinery used is always manually (guillotine, die cut, pressed) and start from cartons with different thicknesses that cut to the measures determined for the different bindings

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Retorna is a platform formed by a score of entities, among which are environmental organizations, family, workers and consumers, who work with enthusiasm to ensure that in our state the citizen and the citizen are empowered to return the empty containers of Drink to the shops and supermarkets, in order to end the massive abandonment

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Sustainable Market Bases 2017

Sustainable market of  VESOS Festival (Valencia Sustainable Scene) will be a place where there is representation of the different types of products that include the concept of sustainability, such as: agriculture, crafts, bicycles or sustainable transportation, green building, ecotiendas, ecotourism, energy efficiency, fashion and accessories, design, kids, recycling, health and beauty, second hand, new technologies

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