The Seed of Change, sown in the Serra d’Agullent

Thanks to the Environmental Volunteer Association La Codolla, Valencia Lenguage Exchange and the designer Julia Furió we visited on April 1st the Serra d’Agullent to compensate for the carbon footprint generated during the VESOS 2016 and to assist in the recovery the area. ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]

Acción de compensación huella de carbono por La Codolla


“THE SEED OF CHANGE” is an environmental education activity which aims to offset the carbon footprint generated by the celebration  of the Festival  VESOS (València Escena Sostenible). How are you going to get such compensation? Through a seed planting activity. This activity is organized by the Association of environmental volunteer The Codolla, you need planting seeds to

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Pimentó Torrat

En Pimentó Torrat buscan ofrecer al cliente la mejor comida, elaborada de manera casera y artesanal, con sabores de la tierra, ya que sus proveedores de verdura defienden el cultivo ecológico y tradicional. Es por eso que su oferta está en gran medida adaptada a los productos de temporada. MENÚ Croquetas de shi-take, patatas estilo brava

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Retorna is a platform formed by a score of entities, among which are environmental organizations, family, workers and consumers, who work with enthusiasm to ensure that in our state the citizen and the citizen are empowered to return the empty containers of Drink to the shops and supermarkets, in order to end the massive abandonment

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Documental ‘Nugant Cordes’

Promoting and disseminating agroecology is the goal of ‘Nugant Cordes’, a documentary to raise awareness of farmers’ experiences, listen to their voices, their efforts and their reality; A look at some projects involved in a healthy, responsible diet with people and the environment. The documentary, designed by Mayte Fornes (technician in agroecological production) and Juan

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Sustainable Market Bases 2017

Sustainable market of  VESOS Festival (Valencia Sustainable Scene) will be a place where there is representation of the different types of products that include the concept of sustainability, such as: agriculture, crafts, bicycles or sustainable transportation, green building, ecotiendas, ecotourism, energy efficiency, fashion and accessories, design, kids, recycling, health and beauty, second hand, new technologies

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The Seed of Change

La actividad La Semilla del Cambio organizada por la Asociación de voluntariado ambiental La Codolla tiene el objetivo de reforestar la Serra d´Agullent y al mismo tiempo, compensar la huella de carbono generada durante el Festival VESOS. ¿Quieres participar?

Taller plantas aromáticas L´animeta

Workshop “Cultivo de plantas aromáticas, culinarias y medicinales” – L’Animeta

In this workshop theoretical and practical class on medicinal, culinary and the agricultural system, major uses aromatic plants will be given. They teach how to grow and care in our homes; the different types of vegetative reproduction and supports recycled materials; irrigation needs and substrates. In addition, different types of flowerpots with recycled and each

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Huerto urbano

Workshop about Urban Garden – Gabinete de didáctica del jardín botánico

In the urban garden workshop its will show various substrates and suitable mixtures for urban crops. There will be a presentation on how to care for and plant some of the most common crops, will discuss the associations of plants, crop rotations and what should be planted at each station and place consecutively provided to

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