The powerful colour sound of the DJ and producer AFFKT, full of crossover compositions that delve into the sub genres of house and techno creating a perfect hybrid, will engage the attendees of VESOS 2018.

Do you want to know more about AFFKT?

There is a small number of national producers who, through their own means, have managed to be musically global. And they have achieved it by doing all the work for themselves, a task that is not at all simple: create a seal and a sound that is at the same time recognizable.

Marc Martínez Nadal aka AFFKT is a remarkable figure of that “rara avis” of individuals accustomed to changing the rules and exercising as a man orchestra.

AFFKT, which for years has exalted its powerful colourist sound, always offers a refined result to the maximum detail, which can only be accessed in the constant search for sound perfection.

Since 2008 he has been cultivating the sound of AFFKT, meeting people, discovering new places and approaching other cultures all over the globe. Undoubtedly, an experience that has given him a broad vision to experiment with new and unexpected results.

In his productions for labels like Suara, or his own Sincopat, he expresses his versatility when it comes to investigating the deepest of his sonorous influences to obtain as a result an adorable Techno hybrid. In addition to offering huge “crossover” compositions, which delve into the sub genres of house music. All of them are sounds that are very appreciated by labels like Kling Klong or Noir Music.

AFFKT is committed to a life of musical synthesis and that is what keeps it different from most producers of today.

His sound trip continues, always in several directions, but retaining the essence of so many that have influenced him. It is not uncommon for him to feel the responsibility on his shoulders nowadays, the one of everyone he is surprising with his studio skills and presence in the booth.

Once presented as the “son of the thousand sounds” AFFKT continues in full evolution, reaching new heights and constantly exceeding expectations. Also enjoying the praise of a good part of the scene that he surprises with each new release.

How will he surprise us in VESOS 2018?

Saturday, 5 May – 22:00 h – Big courtyard – Free entry.